Solidity Snippets

EthereumSoliditySnippets is a set of SublimeText snippets for the Ethereum Solidity contract language.

Use Control Package to install.

This package requires the great package from davidhq: to recognize solidity code.

To get started, create a .sol file. SublimeText will then recognize your file as an Ethereum Solidity file and activate the syntax coloriring as well as the snippets.

To see the list of available snippets, open the Panel (Shift+Command+P) and type 'solidity'.

All snippets are triggered by their Solidity name so they should come up automagically as you type.
Wilfried Kopp
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I am building decentralized solutions and tooling to support them. I am developing Smart Contracts on Ethereum and Substrate while aspiring at being more proficient in Rust. GPG Fingerprint 15AF C574 D3F9 F1C3 CCDD E31E 2DCE C4DC 506E 6475