Play with Rust easily

Unlike intepreted languages, Rust requires a bit of scaffholding before you can compile and run some code. This article show a few other options to play, experiment and learn more about Rust

SRTOOL & Deterministic builds are back to Kusama & Polkadot

Deterministic builds are back, srtool is now usable again in order to build and verifiy Substrate and Polkadot WASM blobs used as runtime.


A Substrate runtime blob generator and verifier.


A Rust utility that produces hashes for Substrate. It is used by srtool.

SRTOOL now showing Substrate proposal hashes

Substrate WASM Runtime blob builder & verification now with offline Proposal Hash calculation

Cargo Remote: Speed up your Rust builds

Substrate WASM Runtime blob verification

Introducing the Substrate Runtime Toolbox (SRTOOL)

SRTOOL: Substrate Runtime Toolbox - A Substrate WASM Runtime blob docker image used for building and verifying Substrate and Polkadot runtimes