Wilfried Kopp aka. Chevdor

Building Blockchains & Decentralized Solutions


Dipl. Eng. in Image & Signal Processing from Polytech Grenoble, Wilfried Kopp works on Blockchain & Decentralization since 2012. He has been working and evaluating several Blockchains and Decentralized Solutions including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NXT, Hyperledger, Corda. He deployed Smart Contracts handling high volumes of transactions. He is now focusing on interopability and onchain governance with Polkadot and Substrate.




Minikube Proxy

A Docker Image to proxy the Minikube API Server. It allows you reaching the minikube API server running on a remote machine using kubectl from your local machine.


A Substrate runtime blob generator and verifier.


A configuration manager for NodeJS. It is written in Typescript and thus supports Typescript as well as Javascript.


A Rust utility that produces hashes for Substrate. It is used by srtool.


Keeping an eye on the Polkadot network with Polkabot. Polkabot sends network alerts related to the Polkadot network.

Docker Image for Polkadot

A Docker image allowing user running & building a Polkadot node without any Rust environment installed locally on their machine.


Syncing of multiple Ethereum nodes, including multiple clients such as partity and geth.

Solidity Snippets

EthereumSoliditySnippets is a set of SublimeText snippets for the Ethereum Solidity contract language.

Generator EthApp

This project is all about getting started quickly. Running this generator will build a simple dapp for Ethereum.

Ethereum Chocolatey

Chocolatey package for Ethereum. This allows (un)installing the client on windows as you would with homebrew or apt-get.


From Docker to Kubernetes using Minikube remotely

From Docker to Kubernetes using Minikube with remote API access.

Play with Rust easily

Unlike intepreted languages, Rust requires a bit of scaffholding before you can compile and run some code. This article show a few other options to play, experiment and learn more about Rust

Focus! Never click around Github or Gitlab again

Developers spend too much time clicking around… and they hate that. This article shows how you can, in less than 5 minutes, save twice that at least, every day!

SRTOOL & Deterministic builds are back to Kusama & Polkadot

Deterministic builds are back, srtool is now usable again in order to build and verifiy Substrate and Polkadot WASM blobs used as runtime.

Registrars updates

Since its first implementation around the end of 2019, the Registrar #1 (which is now a set of registrars), has evolved a lot. This article looks back on those evolutions as well as at the current stand. I will go through the challenges I ran into and how they have been solved. This includes a few dedicated web services, the use of a BPM engine as well as new functionnalities recently added to Polkadot, Kusama and the Westend chains.