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Dipl. Eng. in Image & Signal Processing from Polytech Grenoble, Wilfried Kopp works on Blockchain & Decentralization since 2012. He has been working and evaluating several Blockchains and Decentralized Solutions including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NXT, Hyperledger, Corda. He deployed Smart Contracts handling high volumes of transactions. He is now focusing on interopability and onchain governance with Polkadot and Substrate.


  • Blockchain
  • Decentralized Systems
  • Rust
  • Embedded, Microcontrollers and IoT
  • Full Stack



confmgr is (yet another) configuration manager for your NodeJS apps. It is written in Typescript and thus supports Typescript as well …

Substrate Runtime Toolbox: srtool

Table of Contents 1. Intro 2. Install 2.1. Pull image 2.2. Using an alias 2.3. Power users 3. Use 4. Proposal field 5. Build the …


Polkadot is a platform that allows diverse blockchains to transfer messages, including value, in a trust-free fashion; sharing their …

Docker Image for Polkadot

chevdor/polkadot is a Docker image allowing user to run a Polkadot node without having to build it themselves or build Polkadot …


In order to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain and the best levels of security, one need to first have a running node that is fully …

Solidity Snippets

EthereumSoliditySnippets is a set of SublimeText snippets for the Ethereum Solidity contract language. Use Control Package to install. …

Generator EthApp

Getting Started What is this generator about? {proj} is all about getting started quickly. Running this generator will build a simple …

Ethereum Chocolatey

Chocolatey package for Ethereum. This allows (un)installing the client on windows as you would with homebrew or apt-get. You can visit …


IPFS and Docker

With IPFS, you can share files without the need for a centralized product such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Co. That means that you need no account, you have no size or bandwidth limits…​ It makes sharing files convenient and very secure. Indeed users cannot modify a file after submitting it. This is due to the fact that IPFS references content using hashes of the content itself and not urls.

Docker for Polkadot & Decentralization

Docker is a powerful virtualization tool. While this is not the only virtualization solution available today, it remains one of the simplest to use. Let’s see if and how it plays a critical role in decentralized systems. Figure 1. Polkadot Runtime Not using Docker Before going any further, it is probably worth mentioning that many people are using Docker to run nodes and validator nodes. The option is totally valid and (I may argue) even better.


I am happy to announce the release of confmgr. You may visit the repo, directly install its NPM package or follow me for a gentle introduction. 1. The problem There are several ways to manage various configurations in your NodeJS App. One of them is about using Environment Variables. Invoking your index.js as follow: MY_VAR1=42 node index.js makes MY_VAR1 available to your script with the following code:

Kusama Identity Registrar #1 - Why and How?

In a previous article, I submitted a motion to the Kusama Council proposing the registration of a new registrar on Kusama: Registrar #1. Unlike the name suggests, this is not the first registrar on Kusama. It brings a second registrar on the chain as we can see by querying the chain state of the identity module: 1. TLDR If you only want to jump to practical todos ignore the explanations, you may directly go to Certification process.

srtool now showing Substrate proposal hashes

I introduced srtool in a previous article. While the first implementation filled a gap and allowed for the first time users to verify substrate runtime wasm blobs, there was still work to do to improve the user’s experience. 1. Current verification process Up to now, the verification process looked like: a runtime dev works on some changes he builds the new runtime locally, preferably using srtool in order to get the SHA256 of the new wasm blob right away