The Brave browser and what you missed

Table of Contents 1. Disclaimer 2. Brave Features 2.1. Multi-platform support 2.2. Privacy as core feature 2.3. Brave rewards and BAT tokens 2.4. Chrome extensions support 2.5. Security 2.6. Multi Users 2.7. Incognito on steroids 2.8. Encrypted sync out of the Google realm 2.9. Crypto Wallets 2.10. WebTorrent 2.11. IPFS Google Chrome needs no introduction and most people who visited an internet page within the last 5 years likely used Chrome or one of the Chromium based browsers.

theCyber — 2019 Update

How many Solidity developers managed to crack theCyber?

theCyber — The new GateKeeperTwo

TheCyber GateKeeper 2


Syncing of multiple Ethereum nodes, including multiple clients such as partity and geth.

theCyber — Facing the closed door of theCyberGatekeeper contract

A technical walkthrough with theCyber Smart Contract

theCyber — A secret society on the Ethereum blockchain?


Solidity Snippets

EthereumSoliditySnippets is a set of SublimeText snippets for the Ethereum Solidity contract language.

Generator EthApp

This project is all about getting started quickly. Running this generator will build a simple dapp for Ethereum.


In a recent post , Vitalik Buterin mentioned the need to ‘split’ Ether funds in order to prevent replay attacks and pointed to a splitter contract. While this splitter contract has been verified and works fine, it leaves room for user errors as some unfortunately discovered by loosing some of their funds. I feel very sorry for the users who ran into this issue and I decided to improve the existing solution.

Ethereum Chocolatey

Chocolatey package for Ethereum. This allows (un)installing the client on windows as you would with homebrew or apt-get.