Registrars updates

Since its first implementation around the end of 2019, the `Registrar #1` (which is now a set of registrars), has evolved a lot. This article looks back on those evolutions as well as at the current stand. I will go through the challenges I ran into and how they have been solved. This includes a few dedicated web services, the use of a BPM engine as well as new functionnalities recently added to Polkadot, Kusama and the Westend chains.

Registrar #1 and offline keys

While using a website such as or the are convenient, those do not provide the best internet isolation to ensure the maximum security for your keys. This article explains how to use subkey to sign challenges for `Registar #1`.

Kusama Identity Registrar #1 - Why and How?

The process used by Registrar #1

Kusama Proposal: New Registrar

At the launch of the Kusama network, there was no way to identify who the owner of a given account was beside making your own research and adding a name to an account in the[PolkadotJS UI]. New solutions have been tested and the system is evolving.